Location: Harrisburg, PA
Investment Year: 2020
Exited Year: 2022
Website: ritterim.com

Business Description

Ritter Insurance Marketing is an independent marketing organization that is focused on wholesaling senior and other insurance products. The company has built channel-leading technology that enables carriers to outsource the commission payment function and provides producers/agents with a broad spectrum of back office solutions including product evaluation/placement, underwriting, enrollment, sales enablement/advanced marketing solutions, and case assistance.  In May 2022 Ritter was acquired by Integrity Marketing Group, LLC.

Century Investment Thesis

Macro tailwinds comprised of aging demographic and expanding penetration of Medicare Advantage products, industry fragmentation and differentiated service offering provide organic and acquisition-driven growth opportunities.

Century Value Add

i.  Developing an M&A strategy
ii. Leveraging acquisition experience to execute on targeted acquisition initiative