Creating Shareholder Value & Driving Returns

Identifying promising companies with tangible value propositions and potential to benefit from our strategic value-add is only the first part of Century’s investment process. After providing a portfolio company with growth or buyout capital, Century helps the business further realize its potential and accelerate top line growth. In addition to helping businesses grow, Century sometimes applies a conservative amount of leverage to the company’s balance sheet to augment shareholder value creation.


Rigorous screening and research process to identify sectors and niche subsectors within financial services with:
  • Favorable growth prospects
  • Defensible value proposition
  • Barriers to entry
  • Potential to add value


Proactively identifying excellent businesses with great management teams
  • Research-based calling program
  • Thousands of companies contacted annually


Improving a company’s competitive position through high-impact initiatives:
  • Distribution channels
  • Service/product offerings
  • Key hire planning

Market Intelligence

Providing access to experienced C-level Advisors, Board Members and an expansive network of industry executives
  • Market intelligence
  • Sector trends


Identifying accretive add-on acquisition targets and facilitating successful business integrations
  • Financial and merger analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Financing

Impact Team/Operations

Identifying areas for growth, supporting operational improvements and recruitment support
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Human resources support
  • Technology and infrastructure upgrades


Applying analytical rigor & business process diligence to achieve strong financial performance
  • Margin improvement
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Revenue cycle management


Formulating and executing a successful exit strategy
  • In conjunction with management
  • Value creation for management, shareholders and limited partners

Smart Growth Through Know How & Networks

Beyond capital injection, we assist portfolio companies in several ways to develop strategy, grow, make operating improvements, and ultimately build shareholder value.

Returns Generated Through Growth

We partner with great companies to maximize the value potential of each business. Our Senior Advisors are industry veterans who couple their experience with a Rolodex of larger market participants to expand business opportunities.

Operational Expertise

We know the optimal business outlook for our key sectors. Working alongside your team, we apply a highly analytical, research-based approach to service offering expansion, distribution strategy, improved infrastructure and business development functions.

Stability & Support

Since 2002, we have managed more than $770 million in capital commitments and have completed 31 investments. Additionally, our investors, many of whom have been long-time LPs, provide further support to companies with which we partner. Our LPs include public and private insurance carriers, pension funds, endowments, and other qualified investors.

Connecting Partners To Our Network

Since 2002, we have built an investment database that includes more than 19,000 companies across 190 subsectors, gaining priceless market knowledge and an expansive network of market participants, distribution channels, and potential accretive acquisition candidates for value enhancing introductions.

The Proof Is In Our Track Record

The best source of information on Century’s approach is from those with whom we have worked the closest.
We provide prospective portfolio partners access to prior portfolio company CEOs.