Creating Shareholder Value & Driving Returns

Identifying promising companies with tangible value propositions and the potential to benefit from our strategic value-add is only the first part of Century’s investment process. After providing a portfolio company with capital, Century leaves the day-to-day operations to our management teams and seeks to be involved at a strategic level, assisting our partners in further realizing their market potential and accelerating top line growth.

Research & Sourcing
Rigorous screening and research process to identify sectors and niche subsectors within financial services.
  • Research-based calling program
  • Thousands of companies contacted annually
  • Identify favorable growth prospects
  • Defensible value proposition
  • Potential to add value

Strategy & Market Intelligence
Improving a company’s competitive position through high-impact initiatives and providing access to an expansive executive network
  • Increase distribution channels
  • Enhance service/product offerings
  • Key hire planning
  • Access to experienced C-level advisors and board members
  • Sector trends

M&A & Exit
Identifying accretive add-on acquisition targets and facilitating successful business integrations
  • Financial and merger analysis
  • Sourcing, Due diligence, and Execution support
  • Financing capital
  • Facilitating introductions
  • Value creation for management, shareholders and limited partners

Finance and Operations Support
Identifying areas for growth, supporting operational improvements and recruitment support
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Human resources support
  • Technology and infrastructure upgrades
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Revenue cycle management