Industry knowledge and experience position us to drive value creation

Our approach of partnering with exceptional management teams and providing them with the strategic support required to build market-leading businesses is straight-forward in concept, but unique in its application within our core markets. Beyond capital injection, we assist portfolio companies in several ways to develop strategy, grow revenues, make operating improvements, and ultimately build shareholder value.

Thematic Research & Sourcing

Thematic research-driven sourcing program to identify actionable add-on acquisitions to add product and service offerings and expand into new geographies.

Access to Extensive Network & Advisors

Our network of industry veterans couple their own operating experience and market knowledge with a rolodex of larger market participants to provide strategic insight and valuable business development introductions. We provide prospective portfolio partners access to prior portfolio company CEOs.

Industry Expertise

Working in partnership with management teams, we apply a highly analytical, research-based approach to service offering expansion, distribution strategy, infrastructure improvement, and business development functions.

Accelerating Growth through M&A

We have gained priceless market knowledge and built an expansive network of market participants that we leverage to identify distribution channel partners and accretive acquisition candidates that help accelerate growth.

Operational Support

Our Impact team enables us to help our portfolio companies navigate and execute on strategic and technical technology decisions.